Monday, June 6, 2011

Reflection on the Mind On film

This class was one of my favorite classes this quarter. I managed to become a writer again and for that I thank the teacher. She never gave up on me. Going into the class I was only watching movies for entertainment and not analyzing them at all. This is not the case any more. I enjoy watching for enjoyment but now I have to know all of the secrets of movies I watch thanks to this class. My favorite movie that we watched was probably Black Swan. This is my favorite because of the fact that it involved so much psychology of the main character Nina. I truly enjoy psychology and wish that I was able to memorize more about the field.
As for my favorite assignment I would have to say that the Inception paper was my favorite because it truly made me think about what I had seen. This is not typical for movies and me because like I mentioned earlier I only watched movies before this class for enjoyment. I enjoyed writing on the idea of dreams versus reality and what is truly real in this world. Now that the class is coming to an end I must say that I will be writing many more papers about my experiences and myself in the future. I am not sure why but I seem to enjoy writing about myself.
My story from the beginning of the quarter is still valid in my reasons for wanting to be an animator but after watching some of the special effects in the movies we watched in class I began to think about going into the special effects business.
My favorite part about the class was the class discussions about the movies we watched. This helped me form ideas in my head and also helped me determine whether or not I wanted to write about the psychology of characters or the special effects in the movies. I obviously went the route of psychology because I know more about that topic. Also discussing the topics in this class helped me understand the movies better overall.
My experience in this class helped me learn how to become a better writer again and for that I am thankful. Unfortunately I am done with English for the rest of my life after this quarter and won’t be able to write more enjoyable papers. I am happy though that I will be able to receive the credit for taking the class and will be able to graduate on time.

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