Monday, June 6, 2011

Nostaglia from Scott Pilgrm

Video games have always been a very popular item in my family. We would always be getting a new game consul for Christmas. Between everyone in the house, we have had numerous gameboys, the original Nintendo, the Nintendo 64, X-box’s are more. If we were not outside doing something we would play each other in the virtual world. I am the only youngest of four and the only girl in my family. Having three older brothers made my childhood a little different than others. While all my friend were listening to the latest hit boy band, Back Street Boys or Nsync, I was usually playing some sort of either video game or bored game with all my brothers. One of my favorites was Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo. My brothers, on the other hand always preferred The Legend of Zelda. Growing up in this kind of atmosphere, I became a fan of video games and could recognize music and sounds from different ones.

While watching Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, I started to notice a few of the music and sounds affects in the movie. The thing I noticed right off the bat was the Zelda music. My brothers were always playing this game and it gave me a sense of nostalgia. I remembered those times that my brothers and I would all gather around the television to play, but it also brought back the memory of the fights that would always pursues. Everything would start out just fine, but then we usually started arguing about who was next. Not shortly after this starts happening, my parents would come in and kick us off. Numerous times, we had the remotes taken from us. This movie is one of my brother’s personal favorites and I think this is because of the video game references that appear throughout the movie. This movie brings back memories from my past about the wonderful times that my brothers and I had as kids.

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