Thursday, June 2, 2011

Extra Credit Assignment

Growing up, my family was all girls except me. My father would leave frequently for work or to run errands. When this happened, I would consider myself the man of the house. I really didn’t like the house that we lived in. I always feared of being alone in our house. I would have frequent nightmares of different situations. One recurring nightmare was about me going down into the basement.

I would be lying in my bed and the sounds would start. I could always hear noises from the basement at night and this scared me. There sounded like there were people in the basement. When they were down there, they would knock on some pots and pans. You could hear the banging very clearly, and that would be what woke me up in the first place. After listening to the sounds for a while, I would gather up the courage to venture down into the basement.

When I would open the door, the sounds would abruptly stop. I would then go down the stairs and to the back of the basement. I saw a mass of clothes lying on the floor and stopped in my tracks. I approached it very slowly to discover an older, very creepy looking homeless man. He sees me standing there and starts to chase me. I turn around and run all the way up the stairs with him right on my heels. I get to the door and slam it in his face right as he gets there. I lock the door and run to my bedroom.

The next morning I tell my mom what happened. She decides to go down and look for herself. This was to see if she needed to get rid of the man. When we both went down there, all of the clothes and items were gone. It looked as if no one had ever been down there. She thought I was joking and lying and teased me over and over again. I would then wake up and be terrified.

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