Monday, June 6, 2011

Reaction to class

When entering this class I really had no experience writing about film. I was more used to reading a book and having to write a paper on that, and films being a form of entertainment. I remember in school if we were learning about the civil war, then we would watch a movie on it just to reinforce what we were learning. I can’t remember ever being asked to write a paper on a film or analyze one. However, I did enjoy this class much more because we were analyzing films rather than books.

Out of all the assignments that we had in this class the one that interested me the most was the film review on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I preferred writing a review rather than an analysis because I just felt it was much easier. I could put my opinion in it and did not have to examine specific details, which is not something that I am used too. I would also have to say that this was also my favorite movie out of everything we watched. Eternal Sunshine had a lot of familiar faces and it was also a newer movie. It was just easier for me to follow with it being a newer film and the story line was not as complicated as some of the other movies in class.

With all of the writing, discussing and researching we did in this class about these films, for the most part, did not change my opinion about the movies. There was only one exception, I had seen Inception before, but after being forced to analyze it, I found that I did not enjoy it as much. I liked it strictly for entertainment purposes. For all of the other occasions it did not change my opinions when we would discuss these films. I found that something would spark my interest from the beginning and I would just go with it. Sometimes the discussing would help me understand the film better.

After this class I feel more comfortable writhing in MLA format. I feel this will be helpful in the future, knowing how to properly do the citations and works cited page. I also feel like when I watch movies now I will automatically analyze them. I also feel like my writing has changed for the better. I feel more comfortable with thesis statements and forming paragraphs. I also do not feel as intimidated by having to write a three page paper. Overall, this class was a positive experience and I would highly recommend it.

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